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Helping You Understand Your Medications with Medication Therapy Management

Develop a thorough understanding of your medical conditions, medications, and alternative options with medication therapy management. Hilltop HealthMart Pharmacy, a subsidiary of Holland Health Services, in Mount Vernon, Washington, specializes in the field of medication therapy management. Our goal is to put your mind at ease by providing a comprehensive overview of your medical history and medications.

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Doesn't my pharmacist review my medications when I get a prescription filled?

Yes, it is true that your pharmacist regularly reviews your medications for potential interactions and contraindications. When given the benefit of the additional information from your records, your pharmacist can determine whether your drug therapy regimen has been optimized, or could be improved.

How do I begin a Medication Therapy Management review?

If you are interested in discovering the best possible combination of medicines for your needs, you can find the answer in a few easy steps. Simply meet with your pharmacist and follow these simply steps.

1) In order for your pharmacist to access your medical records, you must provide explicit written permission. To do this, complete and sign consent on the necessary privacy forms, allowing your pharmacist to obtain medical information from your physicians, as well as from other pharmacies where you may have had prescriptions filled.

2) Once paperwork is completed, your pharmacist will collect your medical information and enter it into a secure software program that organizes your medical history. In certain situations, you may be asked to come into the pharmacy to review your medical history in person.

3) After the information is collected and organized, your pharmacist will review the information with you, and provide a report detailing where you may be able to improve your drug regimen. In addition, your pharmacist can now review the report with your physician, and determine which recommendations would be most effective.

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