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Important Questions You Should Be Asking about Your Medication

Here at Hilltop HealthMart Pharmacy, of Holland Health Services, we are dedicated to making sure you have the best possible pharmaceutical care.
To aid you in your quest for health, we put together a list of important questions to ask your pharmacist before taking any medicine.

Prescription Refill - Medication Therapy Management

• 1) What are the brand and generic names of the medicines?
• 2) What is the medicine supposed to do
• 3) How should I use the medicine? By mouth? In the eye or ear? 
  On the skin? By injection? Through other means?
• 4) How much medication do I need to take?
• 5) How often and what time should I take it?
• 6) How long should I stay on my medication?
• 7) Should I take my medication with meals, or without food?
• 8) What should I do if I miss a dose?
• 9) When will the medicine begin to work?
• 10) How will I know if the medicine is working and what should
  I do if it doesn't seem to work?
• 11) What tests, if any, will be needed once I start taking this medicine?
• 12) What side effects should I watch for?
• 13) While using this medicine, should I avoid driving, operating machines,
  mowers, etc? Drinking alcohol? Eating certain foods? Taking other
  medicines (prescription, over-the-counter, or dietary supplements)?
• 14) How should I store the medicine?
• 15) Can I get a refill? If yes, when?
• 16) Are there special instructions about how to use the medicine?

Contact Information–Hilltop HealthMart Pharmacy 

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• Phone Numbers:  Pharmacy: Local (360) 424-7829 // Toll Free 
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• Fax Numbers: Pharmacy: (360) 428-7847 // Billing: (360) 424-9053
• Business Hours : Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m., Saturday, 
  9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., Sunday & Holidays, Closed

Contact us in Mount Vernon, Washington, to discuss any of your questions or concerns with a reputable independent pharmacy.